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Queen City Eastview Community Association Inc.

The Queen City Eastview Community Association Inc. (QCECA) is proud to serve the residents of Eastview and area. We are driven with the desire to serve our community members by organizing high quality programs and services but doing so in a way that makes what we do barrier free so that everyone, no matter their physical, financial or other limitations can have access to high quality, low cost programs and services. In so doing we offer the best to everyone and remove all barriers which may stop them from benefiting from what we have to offer. Our Board of Directors and our staff are proud to be of service and we all remain committed to staying true to the values of our neighbourhood.


The Queen City Eastview Community Association Inc. is proud to present our new logo. Some of the features of our new logo include the illusion of train tracks cutting through the QCECA portion of the logo in homage to the train tracks that divide our neighbourhood.

Secondly the new motto of the association speaks to the strength we have collectively.

Lastly, the QCECA (we as an organization) sitting on the figurative community is a direct indication that we as an association are only as strong as the community is strong. We are interdependent and together we can achieve great things.


“The spirit of service is the heart of humanity.”

― Lailah Gifty Akita

Eastview Backpack program

The backpack program is sponsored by the Queen City Eastview Community Association Inc. and the following Eastview local businesses:

This project will see 105 local kids receive a free backpack full of school supplies.

This ticket guarantees you a backpack. Only 105 are being provided.


Thank you to all the local participating businesses. To reserve a backpack for your child or children please complete the form below.


All backpacks must be picked on August 25th, 26th between 10 am and 3 pm. Any backpack not picked up during these dates will be provided to another deserving family from Eastview.


Eastview Staff and Volunteers